Community forum expert: MaidSafe can operate out of Outer Space

As with most crypto-(something) projects, real or potential legal issues are, or can anytime become, a problem. But MAID investors shouldn’t worry, because that doesn’t apply to MaidSafe and the SafeNet. Before I touch upon the latest one, I’ll briefly mention previous issues: The botched initial coin offering (ICO). Not many are complaining because MAID […]

MAID sinks to long term resistance

Just yesterday I was looking at the Poloniex BTC-MAID chart and wondering whether the slip below 9xxx meant it would soon drop to its long term support of 7xxx. It happened much sooner than I thought – as in “within less than 24 hours”.  Currently the doomed coin is trading at 7790 satoshi. The chart […]

MAID sinks below 10,000 satoshi

I’ve been saying all along, MAID was going to crash to the pre-hype levels. After trying, and failing, to recover from the multi-month dump it’s re-entered sub-10k satoshi zone. MaidSafe did really well for themselves, selling craploads of MAID on the way up. The buy-and-hold fans less so. I don’t know who was buying to let this […]

MaidSafe community experts dismiss legal concerns

In this hilarious exchange between a user and resident pumpers (forum admins), the admins and the MaidSafe simpleton John Ferguson explain why MaidSafe Hong Kong will not be impacted by the new cybersecurity law in China. BigBTC asks: On the surface this looks good for Maidsafe but “It further requires network operators to provide “technical […]

The price of MAID hit by Zcrash

One month after the most recent “recommendation” to sell MAID (Safe) when it hits $1,000, MAID is dropping like a stone. Today the token is down 25-35% (depending on the moment). That isn’t too bad considering that some – such as Zc(r)ash are down even more. But even as we’re familiar with the usual hype […]

Sound like a good deal?

What would you say if faced with an investment opportunity that requires some compromises such as this? The problem with <SHITCOIN> is you can not check the total supply of coins. Its an experimental coin with some interesting crypto but also unresolved issues, that should have never left the research phase. But the investors wanted […]

Simple Safecoin divisibility

Never mind that Safecoin is extremely unlikely to ever appear – it’s undivisible nature is one of things that have been troubling Maidsafe fanboys for years. But thanks to this vigilance, the great minds from the community forum have been working on a solution. Or rather a proposal by a forum guru polporene which has received awesome […]