Coming soon: Safecoin and Jesus

This page contains a collection of quotes related to the availability of the SAFE network. Some statements are by the MaidSafe team members, other by other community forum members. Additional observations are my own.

I suggest to read this page from the bottom.

2017 – April – David Irvine’s Latest Objective Estimate

The point is that nobody knows.


This statement was made after attacks which forced MaidSafe to switch to permissioned testnets. Maybe he’s beginning to realize that 80% of the job (security & Safecoin) is yet to be done and it’s going to take more than the usual “6 weeks”.

It’s puzzling why he continues to make these statements – he has been laughably wrong for many years now – and even more puzzling why people still ask him when it’s well known that his comments are totally disconnected from the reality.

2017 – March – Most MaidSafe Community Forum members don’t believe Safecoin will be available this year

When is MaidSafe going to launch?
When, FFS?

More here.

Note that a minimum of “4 months” that David Irvine needed to get a fully connected user-vaulted test network out (see under 2016 – October below) have expired and this functionality still isn’t available in any meaningful way.

2016 – December – David Irvine discovers he may have been too optimistic

Question: Anyone know if “alpha 2” will still come, as was the plan a while back?


I very much think so. Disjoint groups turned out to be a > 10 week issue and not a few short weeks issue. (we hoped 2-3 weeks plus plenty of time to test)


The official roadmap currently (Dec 18) tells us that Alpha 1 has been released, while Alpha (without 1 or 2) is “in progress”. In other words there’s no explicit commitment and the official roadmap is not only useless but has also undergone numerous revisions that make it irrelevant for making any sort of guesses as well (which is why we won’t bother to link it from here).

2016 – October – David Irvine needs 4 more months, at least

Question: I wonder how close we are to a fully connected test network where the users are running the vaults and not the foundation itself ?


The decision was made a while back to not attempt at giving dates for the road map milestones, so asking the devs to do so will not result in any being given.


David responded on the BNK forum that test safecoin was a minimum 4 months away. Could that forecast also mean test safecoin was 7 years away?

2016 – June – David Irvine promises visible improvements “very soon”!

Question: Is it too much to ask for an estimate every week when they expect the MVP (or even next TEST) to happen?

Answer (by D. Irvine):

We are iterating tests and this period we are in now we are pulling the client up a few notches. Essentially the tests are great the improvements I think are pretty good each iteration and we are happy we are closing on Alpha releases soon enough.

And here:

The progress is great, but much of it is so low level right now folks cannot see it and we can’t spend to much time explaining it.

That is changing now though and next few months then should see improvements. There will be moves that everyone will see to also alleviate this very soon (next few weeks).

2016 – April – Testnet Safecoin in 6, GA in 12 weeks!

Question: Did MaidSafe bite more than they can chew?


We expect (I hope) to see the next big release (testsafecoin) within 6 weeks, hopefully the full 1.0 release in another 6 weeks after that.

2016 – March

Question: If is is still not decided, When will the MVP is expected to be released?


There is no exact launch date. I could guess at least 3 more weeks based on the last @dirvine post.

2015 – December – the COO promises detailed roadmap with timescale range

Question: The current roadmap lacks quite a lot of detail and the language used makes it difficult for many, who are not overly familiar with the project, to understand the deliverables and the order in which they will be received.


I don’t believe that Rust 5 deliverables are too far away and what we’re working toward right now is a highly detailed roadmap that will give some insight to what is required to reach each new feature and a potential order for the feature roll out. As we work through this roadmap I expect it will become possible to derive a timescale range.

2015 – March – David Irvine promises sprints for Safecoin in coming weeks!

Question: I understand you guys are creating a new internet and that things will creep up in development but I really think there needs to be a firmer development shedual. 3 to 4 weeks compared to 8 months?


I have been like an evil axeman and cutting away parts to be delivered as the network and vaults are very stable and very easy to upgrade. This is what the last few weeks has been about.

Then you will see sprints for messaging (again) safecoin, client API parts etc.

2015 – February – Availability predictions by SafeNet forum experts!

All completely wrong, of course.

2014 – July – propaganda piece by David Lasoff

The SAFE Network REALLY exists right NOW and will soon be launched in its beta version. When it sets full sail (likely in 2015), it WILL change EVERYTHING.

Find the entire article here.

2014 – June

Question: How and when can I mine safe coin, I have 1TB disk space available.


The estimated Beta launch date is around late September 2014. Keep in mind it’s dependent on how well all 3 testnets perform. Unexpected issues could delay the launch.

Once we launch the SAFE Network, you will be able to download/install the MaidSafe program and connect to the Network. Once you set up a Vault account, you can start farming.

2013 – MaidSafe Network is Up and Running!

MaidSafe blog post from 2013 informs us the Safe Network is already here!

Last week, on the 14th Nov 2013 to be exact, our first client chunk of data was stored in our 60 vault mini MaidSafe network.

The chunk was then retrieved and verified by the client with the chunk content remaining consistent, despite many stages of transmission.