Alternative projects

Here are some alternatives – in one way or another – to SAFENet by MaidSafe:

  • Bitcache (by Kim Dotcom) – uses bitcoin
  • “BramCoin” – Bram Cohen’s new cryptocurrency project (no name or Web site yet)
  • Burst – NXT-based, own coin with “smart contracts”
  • Freenet – no coin
  • IPFS  (native or Keybase version) – no coin yet
  • Maelstrom – no coin, according to Bram Cohen the management messed it up
  • SiaCoin – own coin with smart contracts
  • – own coin (started with bitcoin, recently switched to Ethereum)
  • Tahoe-LAFS – no coin
  • ZeroNet – no coin

These projects allow you to publish and share information in a fairly unrestricted, secure and anonymous way. Of course, the degree to which they do these things varies.

I don’t endorse, like or prefer any of these. Do your own research.