Another year, nothing to show

The latest MaidSafe development update makes it official: user-hosted vaults will not be available for testing this year.

Routing and vaults are nowhere close to being ready for alpha testing. Guess which two modules matter to user-hosted vaults? That’s right, those two.

Put another way, weeks ago it should have been obvious that the both of these modules would not be complete by Dec 20, but like every year, they were hoping for a miracle.

This part of the post looks like it was written by David Irvine himself. Not recently, but in late 2014.

We are confident we will now be in a good place with all these pretty dramatic changes and not only that, also be able to handle all of the platforms we need to run on and allow developers to easily create more of the already growing number of apps, although some alterations will have to be made from the new APIs we will have.

MAID isn’t impacted and it’s still enjoying its recent bounce from the long-term support level, probably due to the fact that MaidSafe’s credibility hit the bottom in 2015 and hasn’t moved since.

Speaking of which: what happened with those enterprise licensing opportunities that MaidSafe floated on the forum and elsewhere before they started selling shares in Q3? Yeah, “it’s a secret”.

Will MaidSafe see 2018?

In 2017 we’ll see more delays, of course. But 2017 is a do or die year for MaidSafe.

They missed all self-imposed targets so far and despite 2 rounds of public fund-raising (the flawed Initial Coin Offering (MAID) and a dubious share sale through Bankruptcy in the Future) and the selling of counterfeit MAID coins, next year they’ll need either more money or revenue.

By my estimate they’ll run out of money by mid 2017. The clock is ticking and there will be no revenue (Safecoin won’t be available by mid 2017), so with the credibility they enjoy the only way they can get more money is to pump MAID & dump it on the fools from the community forum. But: fool me once… you can’t fool me again!

So now they have 6 to 9 months to make this shit work or else.

Have a SAFE 2017!


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