Sound like a good deal?

What would you say if faced with an investment opportunity that requires some compromises such as this?

The problem with <SHITCOIN> is you can not check the total supply of coins. Its an experimental coin with some interesting crypto but also unresolved issues, that should have never left the research phase. But the investors wanted money so you have this turd being presented.

Maybe this sounds like a shitty deal, but hey, this $SHITCOIN can change the world. Privacy for all its users!

But what would you say if there’s more? Such as:

“Yeah, I want you to check this new currency, its digital and completely private. It is true that there are 6 people that could collude to create more coins and you would have absolutely no way of noticing, but do not worry, you should put a big part of your savings in this currency because they are great guys and will never cheat you…”

Yeah, it’s probably true that the leadership could collude to do nasty stuff, but everyone knows they’re such nice people!

This is what MaidSafers are alike. They’d take this shitty deal and in the next minute start demanding “secure hardware”, “2FA” and other James Bond features. Because, you know, you can’t trust anyone these days…

All right, so my point here is while this kind of investment idea sounds shitty, the two MaidSafe fans have no problem with it. And secondly, there’s nothing unique in their belief that all other $SHITCOINs who work that way are doomed, while theirs is somehow special.

By the way I got the above quote from a comment about Zcash, which is launching today. Like Zcash, MaidSafe cannot be independently audited and is open to the same kind of abuse. Annnd, Zcash is doing so great and it hasn’t launched yet. So many similarities between these successful coins!

Another commonality between MaidSafe and Zcash is that they seem to share at least one huuuge believer, and that is ioptio. Some may recall this:

Yes Paige had told us this week she was looking to step down from the front line of community outreach, but is looking to stay involved in other ways, potentially through blog writing which we are discussing at the moment.

Stay involved she did, but not where she  was indicating.  Her activity on the MaidSafe community forum completely ceased 2-3 weeks later, but now she’s active on the Zcash forum. And not only that, she’s got a little badge next to her name. How cute!



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