Keybase: Encrypted Filesystem on IPFS

SafeNet is (ought to be, to be precise) a distributed replicated storage network with a client-side filesystem overlay called NFS (not that NFS). Each SAFE Network client can have a cached copy of public (read-only) and their own private data. MaidSafe has spent millions developing the product that still doesn’t work.

The Keybase File System is a PGP-encrypted shared file system that runs on top of IPFS. Keybase clients have concurrent shared file level access to each other’s directories and files (if sharing is permitted and they have been given access to other’s content). Keybase has spent much less money (recently they raised $10 million), but already has a (pretty much) working client and a functional network.

While it remains to be seen how Keybase will make money, the same can be said of MaidSafe the company. At least Keybase has no debt to MAID buyers and doesn’t have to deliver anything that does not make business sense (or that is extremely unlikely to work, such as Safecoin).

Furthermore, Keybase works on the network of networks, the Internet. That is a huge advantage that all Internet-based systems have over MaidSafe which is trying to reinvent one wheel after another (one of their recent awesome concepts is SAFE Mail, which isn’t (e)mail at all, but simply a private messaging app between SAFE users who are cut off from the Internet). For comparison with Keybase the user can run a Web site serving data off of KBFS – if not not now, then in the near future.

For more information

.. check out the Keybase File System:

And Off-Topic…

I am pleased to report that another ridiculous concept and the shitcoin it peddles have ran out of “steem”.

Out of STEEM
Out of STEEM




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