What keeps a SAFE forum member up at night?

While it’s true that every now and then SAFE forum fools wonder whether Safecoins will ever be finished, it is far more frequent to see posts like this, which worry about the high price of Safecoin.

The nightmare scenario:

In the year 2025 Maidsafe will have an estimate of 1.7 billion users, business customers/end users etc.
The max Safecoin on the market will be 4.3 billion.
This will cause a massive deflation and high value for Safecoin.
Humans like to save money/Safecoin so the price of 1 Safecoin will rise to 1850 USD due to lack of Safecoin. Early investors will become millionaires. maidsafe company will be valued over 100 billion USD.

MAID currently trades for $0.08, so to get to $1,850, MAID would have to go up 23,000 times, and so to become a millionaire all an “early investor” (meaning, someone who woke up early and bought MAID today) has to do is buy $45 worth of MAID and wait for the big moment in 2025.

But don’t think that MaidSafe would sit idly and let Safecoin appreciate – in fact they on multiple occasions they  stated that they will fight the appreciation of MAID by destroying its value as they see fit.

This fact was highlighted by a moderator (fergish):


Divisibility will be introduced before the price gets too high, or quickly after, I’m sure. The subject has been discussed quite a bit here on the forum. Search function will reveal some interesting discussions.

So early investors, pay attention! Even if it materializes, Safecoin will not be allowed to retain its value. It will be destroyed over and over again to keep the network “inclusive”.

Safecoin very likely won’t work, but if it does, it will crash to a fraction of MAID’s current value.

Today, Amazon S3 lets you store 1 GB (not 1 MB!) for a priod of one month for less than the price of 1 PUT (which equals 1 MB) on the Safe network. Today, Amazon’s cost is 1/1000th of projected Safenet’s cost. To attract any users at all, MAID (Safecoin) must first work (extremely unlikely) and then crash 99% to bring the cost of capacity to the Amazon S3 level.

Only a SAFE Network forum fool would lose sleep over the risk of MAID (i.e. Safecoin, in 2025) appreciating 23 thousand times.

While every forum has its share of idiots, the Safenet community forum is full of them.


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