MAID on Livecoin Crypto Exchange goes No Bid

In recent days BTC/MAID on Livecoin was doing fairly fine (5-8% of the total BTC/MAID volume, if I recall correctly from, but today the stream of new suckers dried up.


Bidless Maid
Bidless Maid


As you can see at the moment there are essentially no bids for MAID.

I don’t have a trading account on the site and therefore I can’t see the recent trading statistics, but I’m pretty sure last time I looked on, that exchange seemed 3-4 times more busy than today’s statistics (16 BTC traded so far).

Then I went to check what’s going on and saw there are no bids.

I’m too lazy to open account just for this post. I’ll rather speculate.

My guess is someone did what I said seemingly makes sense and that is dumped their MAID and put part of it in MaidSafe fundraising going on at Bankruptcy to the Future. This approach rests on belief that MaidSafe the company won’t get sued. The other problem with this idea is MAID is somewhat (for time being and not on the Livecoin crypto-exchange, of course) liquid, while MaidSafe equity is not. If they get lucky MaidSafe won’t raise the necessary minimum for the equity sale to be executed.


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