MaidSafe Fundraising Watch

So far I’ve written 2-3 posts about the MaidSafe equity sale that’s going on at that weird Web site and it looks like they may not hit the minimum (which would be exciting). Because the experts from the MaidSafe community forum don’t or won’t recognize this possibility, I’ll try to follow the rest of the fundraising in this one post.

As an aside: I just noticed – 6% of the company for $2.5 million? Excuse me, but the patents aren’t worth over 40 million bucks!

September 20: T-22

20% of the minimum amount raised, but 25% of the time gone. Not good!

Fundraising Status as of Sep 20, 2016
Fundraising Status as of Sep 20, 2016

More here.

September 21: T-21

Number of backers increased by four. On average each new muppet wasted close to EUR 7,000.

22% of the minimum raised, 30% of the time passed. Come on, boys, you aren’t catching up!

September 22: T-20

One new backer with less than $3,000 invested.

The needle didn’t move: barely 1/5th of the minimum raised, 1/3rd of the time expired!

Still alive?
Still alive? Barely!

September 23: T-19

One new backer. For some reason the amount is in USD today.

Can’t break through 22 percent of the minimum. Not good!

By now – actually since right after my previous update – even the fanatics from the MaidSafe community are getting worried.

Stall Speed!
Stall Speed!

September 24: T-18

40% of time allocated for fundraising has expired and only 24% of the minimum has been raised. And that’s despite the silly giveaway for investors that MaidSafe introduced yesterday.


September 29: T-12

Even after throwing in the kitchen sink and a set of steak knives with the stake (steak) at MaidSafe the company, the needle is barely moving.

36% of the minimum has been raised, but 60% of the time has expired. (Today’s figure is in USD, but it doesn’t matter – just look at the percentage figure).

Would you like a set of steak knifes with that?
Would you like a set of steak knifes with that?

By the way, in recent days the fanboys from the MaidSafe community forum have started making updates in which refer to the % of the minimum raised as this blog has done from (almost) the beginning, when it became clear it’s unlikely they’ll hit the minimum.

Another worrisome trend for the hopeless Safecoin project is that the amount per investor (backer) has been decreasing. For example at T-18 the average per backer was $3,680 and now at T-12 it’s $3,480. Since six days ago 50 new backers invested an average of only $3,100 each.

But the moderators/pumpers from the community forum would like you to believe that the increasing number of investors is a great sign that will somehow solve the problem. It won’t. It’s time for new desperate measures.

October 4: T-7

Wow – look at this green, it’s so beautiful!


Of course, miracles do not exist. More on the SAFE Art of Making Sausages in my next blog post.


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