Looming Fundraising Risk

Despite the optimistic (now a bit less, but they’re still trying) proclamations in the community forum’s “marketing” section, the fundraising risk I observed recently isn’t getting any lower. (Speaking of marketing: note that the moderators¬† from the “community” site now effectively market MaidSafe Inc equity, which is a new (unwritten) mission statement of the “community” and in my humble view a new low.)

Let’s take a quick look at the current status of the fundraising drive over at that site with a silly name.

Fundraising Status as of Sep 20, 2016
Fundraising Status as of Sep 20, 2016

Because the optimistic moderators from the community forum can’t understand the simple fact stated in my previous post (which is that, percentage-wise, more time has expired than funds have been raised), here are 2 cute charts for them.

The first shows the influx of new “sophisticated individual investors” that doesn’t inspire.

SAFE, but Flatlining
SAFE, but Flatlining

The second shows where they are now in relation to where they need to be at the end of the period and number of days they have to get there.

Trend is Not Their Friend
Trend is Not Their Friend

Even if we consider the minimum required to actually get any of that money, the charts look awful, especially the lower one.

The charts are flatlining and it’s increasingly unlikely that MaidSafe Inc will hit the minimum goal. Close to 1/3rd of the time has passed, close to 1/5th of the minimum amount has been raised.

If the orange curve on the second chart doesn’t hit the top before end of Day 31*, MaidSafe will raise nothing.


  • The charts start at Day 0 and not Day 1 because the fundraising started before the official Day 1. Additionally, because many SAFE muppets started the “investor” application process early (some before Day 1), the first few days look good. But as soon as that first wave of easy money was collected, additional gains have been small. I don’t have the status for each day individually but I have data for days 1, 2, 4, 8.

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