New & Shittier MaidSafe Community Forum Rules

Initially the “community” forum wasn’t as crappy as it is today, but that was when people still believed that Safenet would be released “sometime next quarter” (because that’s what Dr Irvine said).

As the project started to look more hopeless, the forum owners started to introduce stricter “community” guidelines meant to limit damage to the project and their shitcoin.

The latest SafeNet forum guidelines crack down on pessimists:

Avoid gratuitous negativity. Critical thinking is good; shallow cynicism, on the other hand, adds nothing of value to the community. If you have something important but negative to say, that’s fine, but say it in a respectful way.

You see, MaidSafe is in the middle of a tough fundraising run. As things stand they’re unlikely to raise anything.

The last thing these MAID pumpers need is shallow pessimism. In the meantime shallow optimism remains permitted and in fact encouraged.

Speaking of which – I wonder if the forum owners noticed that the quality and quantity of posts has been declining. There’s barely anything of substance going on and most new posts are rubbish. Maybe they know – that’s why there is no crackdown on nonsensical and duplicate posts.

Reasonable critics and pessimists have been accused of spreading FUD and trying to manipulate the slowly sinking MAID. Some have left and aren’t coming back, others have been banned and now the community consists of the long-MAID forum moderators/investors and a bunch of clueless 20 year olds who are being coached into parting with their BTC.

The Scottish MAID is sinking!

(French) Maid Sinking Fast by EnglishDamsel

Before I wrap up this post I’ll quickly comment on my post of August 13, which is related to the optimism that the “community” has been suffering from for years: here’s what MaidSafe people told the journo that day:

MaidSafe says it expects a Safe browser to be released in the “next few weeks” — which will do away with that wrinkle.

I haven’t heard of any SAFE browser release and when I look at all I see is commits related to dicking around with the fork (compare that with actual development going on upstream –

As I said in mid August “the next few weeks” may mean anything (including 2017) although the MaidSafe’s statement was ridiculous to begin with because this browser isn’t actually developed by MaidSafe or funded by crowdsourced funds. It does not prove their ability to execute or anything else. And it’s late anyway. Fakery!


2 thoughts on “New & Shittier MaidSafe Community Forum Rules

  1. Lol….just saw the link to this on the Safenetforum – a place with a governance structure that is indeed, seemingly inspired by the North Korean model, whilst being simultaneously and variously described by the inner circle as, “Community run” “Maidsafe owned” or “Private” – dependent on which suits their ever changing arguments. Unhappily, I have been ousted from the forum for 9 months – due almost entirely to a long running battle to get the forum to be actually community run, by democratic consensus, rather than have the Community dictated to by a small clique.
    I had also repeatedly harangued mods to make the forum site either community or Maidsafe owned due to the perceived risks – (risks that apparently only I saw or had a problem with btw) – of having the forum owned by @Dallyshalla – I was banned just as Dallyshalla went rogue – went rogue with the website I mean, not the previous going rogue of defrauding the larger community with his pitch – which was fully OK with those running the forum of course……promoted on one mod’s radio show in fact. Now I recall it, I was also banned again for another month or 3 actually, after arguing with the very same radio show guy/mod/promoter. The argument occurred because I was grilling @Seneca about his governance structure/value proposition during his crowdsale (all normal stuff and I was just looking out for the larger community, so they didn’t get scammed again) – my comments were moved and I was banned – essentially removing a critical voice to oil the sales pitch – this happened during the crowdsale. I have/had nothing against @Seneca either btw…..I just ask/say what I think needs asking/saying.
    Anyway, this I the second post I read of yours and found myself in agreement loosely – the first one not so much. My argument is and always has been with those running the forum – not Maidsafe……though they’ve sat and watched it all happen and have been generally supportive of the forum structure and mods. I do believe they are very misguided in this respect and it is unfortunate in my view. It saddens me how things have turned out with the forum, having been in from the start trying to build up interest etc….. shame really. I had a few brief chats with DIrvine at the beginning and we talked excitedly about various plans and idea…..all enthused with the possible future ahead……anyway, like I said…. it saddens me now.
    If I were to speculate, I foresee a future fork: There are those with Liberal values that believe in decentralised and democratic governance…..and walking the talk. These same people also commonly do not ascribe to all the Libertarian Free Markets above all philosophies. For the same fundamental reasons, and in the same manner as Eth/Etc, I think a fork will occur. People just don’t like those who don’t walk the talk – it’s that simple.


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