MAID Trading on Yuanbao Dead

A while ago I said the Yuabao Mission was accomplished.

I glanced over the MAID-Chinese Yuan page over at Yuanbao and the usual CoinMarketCap page and these are 2 noteworthy facts

  • Buy-Sell spread on Yuanbao is huge (> 10%)


  • According to CoinMarketCap figures, MAID/CNY trade is dead. Only $3,223 worth of MAID was traded there in the past 24 hours!

These two facts likely indicate that Yuanbao has by now sold all MAID that MaidSafe has allocated to them and earned their “reward” for “bringing MAID to China”.

Chinese MAID investors who bought a non-trivial amount of MAID now need (if withdrawals actually work!) to transfer their coins to Poloniex in order to sell them at a decent price. Even on the Day of Big Dump, August 12, the volume was barely 113K MAID.

The Yuanbao MAID/CNY market is dead.






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