Short MAID position closed (at profit)

As Proof of Concept short setup (and to cover the cost of my time writing this stupid blog) last weekend I shorted MAID on silly pump action following the SafeNet alpha version announcement.

I shorted few hundred MAID at 2100 and exited at 1750, netting a tiny but satisfying profit. (In case you can’t see clearly I shorted 500 MAID).

Last weekend's small short position closed succesfully
Last weekend’s small short position closed with profit

In hindsight it’s easy to think “I should have put 1 (or ten) BTC in this”, but their fanboy herd is delirious and unpredictable and ever since MaidSafe the company hit the panic button and made hype one of their core services, it’s been dangerous to commit larger amounts to this pleasant activity of shorting this directionless, hopeless project.

Any moment now they could come up with another piece of ludicrous news and send the token skyrocketing again. So this will have to do for now.

Next time they come up with something “big”, I’ll look into selling MAID short again.



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