How to trade SafeNet alpha release?

Few minutes ago I published post in which I wrote what I think about the big announcement by MaidSafe.

So how to trade the big news?  Why of course sell the mofo!

Here’s what’s been going on in the past day or two:

  • MAID jumps on the announcement
  • MaidSafe folks and other whales offload their counterfeit MAID, thank you very much!
  • Foolish Johnny-come-late’s are now buying MAID on old news


More retarded “news” could come up in coming days so I don’t want to trade this in a big way, but I did short few hundred MAID to earn enough to buy me a cup of coffee.  Can’t afford to waste both time and money writing this blog!

Ouch, that didn’t take long! It wasn’t I with my 200 MAID folks. In the past 5 minutes some whale(s) dumped 200+ BTC worth of MAID.



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