Buy wall size watching

There’s a MAID buy wall at 0.000066 BTC (below) and I think it will be breached in due time.


Until that happens we can monitor the size of that wall. It is not easy to do that very precisely and because of robotraders the situation changes all the time, but even rough figures should be interesting.

Buy wall size

  • June 12: 187.287 (@6000) – 126.446 (@6606) = 60 BTC; total MAID bids: 265 BTC
  • June 13: 200 (@6000) – 137 (@6606) = 63 BTC; total MAID bids: 323 BTC


  • June 13: price smashed to 7300 satoshis; MAID bidders relocating bids to below 6000 satoshis; somewhat more total bids compared to June 12

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