Safecoin: when?

Based on information provided by MaidSafe, “over the next few weeks they’ll have it finalized.” (Source: Texas Bitcoin Conference, 2014 (14m40s mark).)

Right, 2014. That is a bit dated so let’s get the latest scoop on that, shall we?

In this comment published today, Dr. Irvine explains:

The other part is the time to do a task, say make safecoin available. In the API for instance safecoin is type 7 as an example. If the low level API is available (which is happening) we can say use type 7 and that’s test safecoin, it will take a few minutes for a dev to create a type 7 structuredData. No farming. So how long for farm rate calculation, well we did that previously (but moved a couple of types away that were used). That was about a mornings work.

Does that mean that we’re closer than ever to seeing Safecoin in action?

In terms of timescales we can give task estimates (tasks in roadmap in order, not immediately to be worked on, as there is an order), but the problem seems always skewed by resource allocation or re-allocation and that’s just life I think. This is why recently we even more aggressively do not timeline roadmaps etc. but instead focus on what we are doing per week.

That is changing now though and next few months then should see improvements. There will be moves that everyone will see to also alleviate this very soon (next few weeks).

On the one hand, it takes less than 1 day, and they’ll have it ready by September (no promises, though!)

It could be days, weeks, months, years.

Even after screwing up as badly as they did, they are still unable and unwilling to make any promises. As one commenter on that topic stated, we are unlikely to see Safecoin in use this year.

I would only add it’s not a coding issue, it’s a design problem. It may function, but not meaningfully. Safecoin’s poor economics will make it unusable.




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