Price of MAID Sinks to ICO Level

This collapse in the price of MAID denominated in BTC deserves its own post. The ongoing Bitcoin bubble coupled with the going-nowhere Maidsafe has now returned MAID “investors” to mid 2014. While a minority of those who bought during July 2014 are some 10% up in BTC, even that is only a pathetic 3% year-on-year […]

Back to 2014!

It’s been a while since I wrote about this shitcoin. But today, while waiting for some compute job to finish, I thought to take a quick look at where we are today. Naturally this isn’t about SAFE Network, because they haven’t moved (they’re same busy as before, running their shitty alpha tests, “refactoring code”, “improving […]

Permissioned Non-Anonymous Testnet

Those who’ve read more than one post on this blog know that I’ve been saying for a while that the best the MaidSafe project can hope for is to create a more private version of BitTorrent. Part of their plan that is extremely unlikely to materialize is Safecoin and that is becoming more obvious with every […]

Running in place

I haven’t blogged for a while, but that’s because there’s nothing going on. When? Recently a post on the community forum asked “What year do you think Safecoin will be implemented into the network?” and it appears that majority of registered forum members believe nothing will happen in 2017. Only one third of all people who […]

Safecoin divisibility with partcoin

Only a few days after my post on the desperate ideas to solve some of the issues that make Safecoin at best impractical, but likely impossible, by investing crapcoins that run on top of the main crapcoin (Safecoin), one of the community thinker have come up with a new proposal on Safecoin divisibility. His proposal […]